Who we are and what we do

The World Goetheanum Association was founded on 18 May 2018. It is a network of partners, consisting of companies, institutions, initiatives and self-employed people.

The Association is committed to the future of man and earth on the basis of human dignity and accountability. Its actions are based on the vision of a just world.

The partner network sees itself as part of a movement that seeks, promotes and implements a new, comprehensive view of the human being.

The network offers the opportunity to meet as partners beyond the limits of their own field of activity and to exchange views. As an association, the partners realise new forms of fair and humanitarian cooperation. Anthroposophical research is an important source of inspiration in the context of cosmopolitan dialogue.

Partnership is realized in globally effective projects and a regular exchange between the partners. In an annual forum, current, socially relevant topics are discussed.

The Association sees itself as a professional and a support association, and as an action group. The jointly signed charter is a commitment to partnership.